New Potatoes  (1 can per person)                                                                  

 Cover bottom of frying pan with sugar until it melts.  Add 1 to 2 T. Butter.  Caramelize.  Add canned potatoes (saving potato water for gravy)


Red Cabbage    (in a jar from the market)

Heat in a pan and add sugar  (can add some of the juice to the gravy)


Sweet Cucumbers    Peel and grate thinly.  Add sugar and vinegar.  


Ris Al A Mand with Rodgrod      (rithgrith)

Cook long grain rice in milk instead of water on the stove in double boiler with lid.  Keep adding milk.  Add whipping cream with sugar (a lot).  Stir into the rice.  Serve cool. 

Add one almond  (whoever gets the almond opens the first present on Christmas)


Rodgrod  (fruit pudding)

Any kind of juice concentrate (use less water) raspberry, strawberry, grape, cherry, etc.

Mix together.  Thicken with cornstarch or tapioca.  Add sugar and lemon juice to taste.  Can add frozen strawberries.  Serve warm.


Ham     Coat with brown sugar and pineapples.   (Or you can have Pork Roast)



Use juice from meat and add pork flavoring.  Add potato water and couple tablespoons of Cabbage Juice.  Use flour with cornstarch to thicken.                                                                                                      


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