Alison’s Custard Pies

2 cups milk

1 cup sugar

4 egg yolks

2/3 milk

4 TBS Corn Starch

4 TBS Butter

1 tsp. Vanilla


Pour 2 cups of milk and 1 cup sugar into top of double boiler and heat until milk forms small bubbles around edge of pan. (Scald).  Slightly beat egg yolks in small bowl and set aside.  Add cornstarch to 2/3 milk and stir until mixed together.  When milk in double boiler is scalded, add 2/3 cup milk mixture to hot milk.  Then take a tablespoon and add one Tablespoon of hot milk mixture to the egg yolks and stir to warm egg mixture.  Add about 5-6 Tablespoon of hot milk to egg yolks before pouring into the pan.  This will prevent lumps from the egg coking as it is added to hot milk.  Pour in egg yolks and stir mixture with whisk until thick. The mixture will not get really thick.  It thickens somewhat as it cools.   When mixture is thick, add butter and vanilla and stir until butter is melted.


Cream Pie Filling


1 Large INSTANT pudding

1 Cup Milk

1 Cup Cream

1 Cup Cooled Custard


Mix well and then stir in


1 Heaping Cup of Whipped Sweetened Cream


Coconut- add ½- ¾ cup coconut

Banana- layer slices of banana, pudding, banana, pudding


Let set up for 15-30 minutes before adding whipped cream to top, then decorate the tops of pies:

Coconut- toasted coconut- put into oven until golden brown- watch it because it goes fast.

Banana- Top with a couple of sliced bananas- put them into orange juice to they won’t go brown


Chocolate- Take chocolate bar and vegetable peeler and peel some curls for your topping.


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