Greek Yogurt – Sue Johnson

Makes about 4 1/2 quarts


1 gallon milk, whole, 2% or 1 %
3 cups powdered milk
1/2 cup Greek yogurt at room temperature


1. Pour 1 gallon milk into a crockpot or large pot.
2. Stir in powdered milk (which increases the protein)
3. Heat the milk in a crockpot or pot on low until it reaches 180 degrees. Stir occassionally so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.
4. Allow the milk to cool to about 115 degrees. In a small bowl, gradually stir about a cup of the warm milk into the Greek yogurt- until the yogurt is quite thin. Add back to the rest of the warm milk then stir.
5. Pour the milk mixture into whatever size storage containers you prefer. A variety of sizes of mason jars work well. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees and then turn off oven but turn on the oven light. Place the jars on a cookie sheet and wrap a thick towel around them. Leave in the oven for 8-12 hours. The longer it incubates, the tangier it gets.
6. At the end of the culturing time, move containers to the fridge and chill before using. You can drain the yogurt with the cheesecloth if you like, but adding the powdered milk makes it thick enough so draining isn’t necessary. This can be used for sour cream as well and should be good for about 10 days.


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