2  large ripe Tomatoes, chopped                                    ¼ cup chopped Red Onion

1  ripe Mango, peeled, seeded and chopped                  ½  Jalapeno Pepper, cored, seeded, and diced

2  Kiwi Fruits, peeled and chopped                               2  T. fresh Lime Juice

½ cup chopped Red Pepper                                           ¼ cup chopped fresh Cilantro

½ cup chopped Yellow Pepper                                      ½ tsp. ground Cumin

½ cup chopped Green Pepper                                        freshly ground Black Pepper


In large bowl, combine tomatoes, mango, kiwi, peppers, onion, jalapeno, lime juice, cilantro, cumin and pepper to taste.  Mix well and chill up to 8 hours. 


Serve with tortilla chips or as an accompaniment to fish or chicken.


Great on fajitas !


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