Bunnies in the Clouds from Nanasue or English Trifle from Hollysue

Ingred: one Angel Food cake, container of whipped topping, bananas, canned fruit cocktail, canned peaches, frozen strawberries or raspberries sweetened, red jello ( I like raspberry), maraschino cherries, vanilla instant pudding (large) & any other fruit you would like to add

In large glass bowl break up the cake and place in the bottom of the bowl.
Mix jello with hot water called for and pout over cake.
Add canned and frozen fruit with juices and pour on top of jello/cake.
Let chill in fridge for and hour or so ( sometimes I don’t have time for this so I just proceed!)
Make pudding as directed
Fold in whipped topping
Put on top of chilled ingred.
Add gummy bunnies ( we do this for our Easter treat at school)
Chill. Then eat!


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